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Terms & conditions

For corresponding banks.

This edition of our terms and conditions, applicable to foreign banks, supersedes all previous issues.

I. Payments to the debit of EUR-accounts and payments for which cover will be remitted either in EUR or foreign currency   EUR
1. Payments    
a) to banks (domestic) free  
to banks (via TARGET)   2,--
Payments in connection with Money Market or Foreign Exchange operations are subject to special agreement    
b) to firms/individuals as well as to banks in Germany in favour of firms/individuals free  
Charges are for account of beneficiary.    

lf, however, payment to the beneficiary is requested without deduction of charges, our commission per item will be:

for amounts up to 25,-- 2,50
for amounts up to 1.000,-- 10,--
for amounts up to 10.000,-- 12,50
for amounts exceeding 10.000,-- 25,--

For payment orders via S.W.I.FT the S.WI.F.T..-rule will apply that in the absence of field 71 A in MT 103 charges are for account of beneficiary. Please note: SEPA-Payments (in Euro, only STP-Payments handed as share - from EU-countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) are free of charge.

c) manual interventions for corrections and requests 9,50
d) researches on demand of customers or banks 35,--

Bank to Bank payments 

e) Charges for OUR payments are accepted up to a maximum amount of EUR 30 or equivalent   
2. Cheques drawn:  
a) to the order of Banks free
b) to the order of firms/individuals free

Charges are for account of the beneficiary. lf, however, payment to the beneficiary is requested without deduction of charges, our commission will be:

for amounts up to 250,-- 10,--
for amounts up to 2.500,-- 12,50
or amounts exceeding 1,5 min. 25,00 per cheque
3. Reimbursement on ourselves to the debit of the accounts of foreign banks, e.g. under documentary credits    
a) advising (without our engagement), for each advice 1,0 min. 110,--max. 300,--
b) adding our confirmation    
charges on request, depending on the rating additional service charge for each confirmation   75,--
c) for each payment   125,--
4. Domiciliation with us of bills of exchange in EUR or foreign currency 0,5 min. 50,--
II. Documentary Collections in EUR or foreign currency    
1. Against payment or acceptance 1,5 min. 125,--
In case the acceptance is to be held with us for collection, the collection will be free of charges.    
2. Amendment of collection instructions   100,--
3. Goods forwarded to us or placed at our disposal:Additionally to the collection commission as under II. 1 1,5 min. 150,--
We do not take delivery of such goods, but release them when documents are taken up.    
4. Delivery of documents free of payment    
a) following an amendment of a previous collection order 1,5 min. 125,--
b) without previous collection order 1,5 125,--
III. Presentation of drafts for acceptance, collection of clean acceptances, clean drafts and cheques    
1. Presentation for acceptance to non-bankersThis commission will not be charged if the bill of exchange remains with us for collection. 1,5 min. 125,--
2. Collection of clean acceptances and drafts 1,5 min. 125,--
3. Immediate credit (under usual reserves) of cheques in EUR drawn on banks in Germany free  
4. Immediate debit of our account with our correspondent - as and if agreed upon - of cheques in the currency of the aforementioned account drawn on us free  
5. Credit after collection of cheques in EUR or foreign currency drawn on other banks in Germany 1,5 min. 25,-for each cheque
(These charges will be debited to the foreign bank even in the event of instructions prescribing that the collection should be made free of  charges).    
IV. Returned items    
1. Unpaid documents for collection, cheques, unprotested bills and other items for collection 1,5 min. 125,--
2. Protested bills 1,5  
V. Documentary credits and guarantees in EUR or foreign currency    
1. Advising commission for documentary credits or guarantees 1,0 min. 110,--max. 300,--
2. Preadvicing a documentary credit on the strength of cable / telex Messages   125,--
3. Confirmation commission for documentary credits and guarantees confirmed by us:    
Charges on request, depending on the Rating    
Additional service charge for each confirmation   125,--
- Additionally to the advising commission as under V,1 -    
4. Deferred payment commission from date of presentation of documents (credits confirmed by us)    
Charges on request, depending on the Rating    
5.Taking up of documents 1,5 min. 110,--
lf, however, all charges are for opener's account 3,0 min. 220,--
6. Amendment commission   110,--per amendment
7. Supervisory commission(deferred payment of credits not confirmed by us) 1,0 min. 110,--max. 300,--
8. Discrepancy fee (for each set of documents presented with discrepancies)   150,--
Vl. EUR accounts    
1. Maintenance free  
2. Statements free  
3. Credit interest rate nil  
4. Debit interest rate   Marginal Lending Rate published by theEuropean Central Bank
VII. Other charges
Other charges on request.
Postage, telephone and cable charges, messenger fees, out-of-pocket expenses as well as any other correspondents' charges are to be paid additionally.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Effective as of July 1st, 2019.

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