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About Haspa

About Haspa

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Haspa is one of the biggest employers and training companies in Hamburg – and the leading bank for private customers and small-to-medium businesses in the Hamburg metropolitan area. We are also committed to supporting various social projects in Hamburg.

We are part of Hamburg

Hamburger Sparkasse AG (Haspa) is the leading bank for private customers and small-to-medium entrepreneurs in the Hamburg metropolitan area. Our expertise and customer intimacy help our clients make the right choices for their financial future. They can also always expect fast decisions from us, thanks to our profound knowledge of the market and the regional distinctions of Hamburg. Our services and consultations are available at 100 branches in and around Hamburg – or online via, OnlineBanking, and our mobile services.


Haspa is a public sector savings bank committed to serving the public interest. Its legal form is that of a joint stock company. HASPA Finanzholding, a legal entity formed under old Hamburg law, holds 100 percent of the shares in Hamburger Sparkasse AG. HASPA Finanzholding has no owners and is obligated by its articles of association and by laws to fulfil the mission entrusted to savings bank. HASPA Finanzholding is the parent company of several subsidiaries and associated companies of the HASPA Group. It does not operate in banking business itself, but as the parent company it regulates the associated companies and focuses on the further development of the Group (

Business Model

Hamburger Sparkasse AG (Haspa) offers a wide range of financial services for private clients as well as corporate clients in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. In total Haspa serves about 1.5 million clients. The main group of customers are the approximately 1.4 million private clients. They represent the main focus of the bank. Haspa also runs a very successful Haspa Private Banking for notably wealthy clients. This service has been chosen multiple times as the best asset management service in all German-speaking countries. Haspa is one of the few independent savings banks in Germany unlike the numerous public savings banks. Notwithstanding its private legal form Haspa is a regular member of the German savings bank organisation.

No. 1 Bank for Entrepreneurs

Haspa also provides a variety of services for business clients. We are the No. 1 bank for start-up-entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises in Hamburg, assisting our big real estate and business clients with specialized market knowledge. Thanks to a diverse network of partners and our own expertise, we can also help our clients with their business affairs abroad.


The board of management decides on corporate policy and leads business. Customer oriented consulting with competent employees as well as the willingness for change and investments in the future are important parts of our corporate strategy. The supervisory board monitors managements business and appoints members of the management board. Furthermore it approves to grants of procuration and is involved in much relevant decision making. For more informations have a look on our Annual Reports.


With 4400 employees and 190 apprentices, Haspa is one of the largest employers and training companies in Hamburg. We provide a modern and team-oriented working environment for our staff. Learn more about your career possibilities with us here.

Corporate Citizenship

Since its foundation in 1827, Haspa has been the bank for all citizens of Hamburg. As we not only manage the savings of our customers, but also provide loans to clients in and around Hamburg, we are a major factor in the regional economic cycle, creating and protecting jobs and growth in the Hamburg metropolitan area.

However, our commitment to Hamburg goes beyond financial matters, as our social involvement in various projects clearly shows. Haspa regards it as a matter of course to support common welfare and to enrich Hamburg’s social life with our various commitments. Every year we support more than 500 non-profit organizations in and around Hamburg. 

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