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The rating agency Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) assigned an “Aa3” issuer rating to Haspa in April 2023. In March 2024 Moody's affirmed Haspa's ratings. The outlook was changed to "positive" from “stable”. With these ratings Haspa ranks among the top-tier German financial institutions. The ratings and outlook validate Haspa's strong creditworthiness and solidity.

Moody’s Rating Outlook
Long-Term Bank Deposit and Issuer Rating Aa3 positive
Short-Term Bank Deposit and Issuer Rating P-1  
Long-Term Counterparty Risk Rating (CRR) Aa1  
Short-Term Counterparty Risk Rating (CRR) P-1  
Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA) baa1  
Adjusted BCA a2  
Long-Term Counterparty Risk Assessments (CR Assessments) Aa1(cr)  
Short-Term Counterparty Risk Assessments (CR Assessments) P-1(cr)  
Mortgage Pfandbriefe Aaa  
Long-term senior unsecured debt Aa3 positive
Long-term junior senior unsecured debt A3  
Long-term subordinated debt A3  

Additional information can be found in the Moody's Credit Opinion.

Furthermore, the S-Finanzgruppe obtained a floor rating of "A" from DBRS and a group rating of "A+" from Fitch. These marketable ratings from Fitch and DBRS have been assigned to us on a group-oriented evaluation by the respective rating agencies.

Fitch Rating Outlook
Long-Term Issuer Default Rating A+ stable
Short-Term Issuer Default Rating F1+  
DBRS Rating Outlook
Long-Term Issuer Rating A (high) stable
Short-Term Issuer Rating  R-1 (middle) stable

The S-Finanzgruppe received a corporate family rating of "Aa2" from Moody's. This association rating represents a credit assessment of the entire Savings Bank Finance Group.

Moody's Rating Outlook
Corporate Family Rating Aa2 stable
Baseline Credit Assessment a2  

With a "Prime"-sustainability rating by ISS-ESG, Haspa ranks among the top-tier German financial institutions.

ISS ESG Rating
Sustainability Rating Prime Standard C


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