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Contact persons

Contact persons

International Business.

In case of specific questions or to establish contact, you'll find your desired contact person in the following list:

International Business   Phone
+ 49 40
+ 49 40
Head of Department Mr Thomas Leppin, General Manager 3578-99050 3578-97334
Financial InstitutionsTrade Finance Ms Hongying Chen, Manager Asia Desk 3578-98932  
  Mr Raphael Horstschäfer, Rel. Manager Correspondent Banking 3578-97195  
  Mr Wael Kabbani, Rel. Manager Correspondent Banking 3578-94858  
  Ms Kaja-Sophie Otte, Rel. Manager Correspondent Banking 3578-97432  
  Ms Sandra Kusch-Schraner, Rel. Manager Correspondent Banking 3578-97250  
Documentary Business Mr Thomas Leppin, General Manager 3578-99050 3578-97238
  Mr Björn Kugland, Area Manager Trade Finance 3578-97279  
Payments / S.W.I.F.T. Mr Rainer Fischer, Manager +49 30 20877-2001 3578-97293
  Investigations Desk (MT 1XX)Investigations / accounts (MT 2XX) 3578-97223/4  
Department Head Mr Henrik Bustorf, General Manager 3578-99250 3578-99265
  Mr Jan Zurek, Deputy General Manager 3578-99283  
Chief Dealers Money Market & Foreign Exchange    
  Mr Andreas Rudolph, Senior Manager 3578-94710 3578-97590
  Mr Hagen-Christian Kümmel, Senior Manager 3578-93660  
Settlements Mr Daniel Busch, Senior Manager 3578-94584 3578-97067


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