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Unsecured Bonds 

Unsecured Bonds 

Haspa regularly issues Senior Preferred, Senior Non-preferred and subordinated securities. Senior Preferred Notes may also be structured as MREL-eligible debt.

  • Legal Framework
    The legal framework for the issuance of securities can be found on the homepage of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority  (BaFin).
  • Rating
    Haspa's high creditworthiness and solidity are reflected in the good ratings assigned by the rating agency Moody's Investors Service. A complete overview of Haspa's ratings can be found here.
  • Investor Presentation
    You can find our investor presentation here.


Legal Documents


Basisprospekt zu Inhaber-Teilschuldverschreibungen dated 07 June 2023 Download
Basisprospekt für Berücksichtigungsfähige Verbindlichkeiten dated 28 July 2023 Download
Base Prospectus for Notes in bearer form serving as eligible liabilities or instruments of Tier 2 capital for retail and wholesale investors dated 28 August 2023 (English) Download
Supplement dated 22 September 2023 Download
Registration Document dated 16 May 2023 Download
Registration Document dated 13 May 2023 Download
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If you have any questions regarding our own issues, please do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

Mathias Loll

Treasury, Wertpapierprodukte

Telefon: 040 3578 - 93183
Fax: 040 3578 - 93028

Peter Schaar

Treasury, Wertpapierprodukte

Telefon: 040 3578 - 93185
Fax: 040 3578 - 93028


Tilman Pflugbeil

Treasury, Leiter Wertpapierprodukte

Telefon: 040 3578 - 97595
Fax: 040 3578 - 94718

Andreas Rudolph

Treasury, Leiter Handel

Telefon: 040 3578 - 94710
Fax: 040 3578 - 97590

Dr. Jan Zurek

Treasury, Bereichsleiter

Telefon: 040 3578 - 99283
Fax: 040 3578 - 99265


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